A comfortable ride while you explore the world

Extraordinary details like active noise cancellation make the Everest the ultimate pleasure on any adventure.




Active noise cancellation

Inspired by the popular noise cancellation headphones, Everest’s Active Noise Cancellation uses three highly
sensitive microphones to detect and measure engine noise, then cancels it using opposing sound waves.
All you hear is a lot of quiet.


Seats seven in total comfort

There's seven seats as standard. But we go beyond what's standard. That's why there's plenty of room for long legs. And with the
ability to fit five child seats as well as the inclusion of two ISOFIX 1 anchor points, even the littlest in the family can enjoy your next big adventure.


Auto High Beam Control and LED Lighting

Never dazzle oncoming drivers with your high beams again. The All-New Everest uses a camera mounted on the rear
view mirror to detect oncoming traffic and turns your high beams on and off, as needed. Signature LED lighting sleekly
wraps around the headlamps, giving the Everest a continuous glow and added visibility.



Panoramic moon roof

Appreciate the great outdoors even when you’re indoors. The Everest’s electric panoramic moon roof takes
up almost 50% of the roof space so you can experience the outdoors, at the touch of a button.





Multi-intelligent instrument cluster

Know what’s working for you. View what features the Everest is using at any
time easily on your dashboard right in front of you.



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