Cutting-edge design

More sophisticated, inside and out – the Focus combines style with innovative design to take it to the next level.



Style comes standard

Energy. Lots of energy. The Focus has been reinvigorated with an athletically styled exterior. The boldly transformed front-end design, sharp detailing and new front grille make the Focus a distinctive presence wherever it goes.



Relentless testing

During its development, we test-drove the Focus the equivalent of 87times around the globe. It’s a car you can rely on, right down to the smallest ball bearing.



Clean, modern interior

The Focus has been crafted for comfort, with a clean, modern interior, intuitive controls and improved cabin quietness. The integrated centre console1 features a USB port, a 12-volt power socket and adjustable cupholders for improved storage capacity and greater convenience.




Easier night driving

Concentrate on the road ahead, not the bright headlights in your rear-view mirror. The electrochromatic rear-view mirror2 automatically dims when it senses a car behind you, making driving at night easier than ever.



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